The mysterious Yogyakarta is a busy but charming city on the island Java in Indonesia. Here you can get in touch with the traditional Javanese culture. It is said that if Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, than Yogyakarta is the soul. It’s a loved layover for travelers and backpackers because of the famous temples. However Yogyakarta as the cultural center of Java, has so much more to offer.  Here in Jogja you can find anything, from cheap delicious food to cultural gems to extraordinary nature. This is why Yogyakarta is the ideal place to visit, and we’ll promise you stick around longer than expected.   

Let’s give you a little taste of what you can expect when visiting.

For the foodies:

  • The best nasi goreng in town!  This fried rice warung is only 2 minutes from us. 
  • Lesehan nasi uduk - This is rice with coconut milk with some side dishes: chicken, catfish, tempe, eggplant and tofu. Very simple but really delicious.
  • SS Warung – Amazing little Indonesian dishes with a wide range of sambal, which is a must in Java.
  • Mediterranea – The best restaurant in Yogyakarta with a wide range of western dishes, all to die for.
  • Milas – You don’t eat meat? No problem. Even Yogyakarta offers vegetarian restaurants with great and delicious options.
  • Via Via – Getting homesick? Or does your friend want Indonesian food, but you are just craving that good old fashioned burger? Or do you just want to try a dish from all over the world? Then Via Via is the place for you.
  • Prawirotaman area – This street full of delicious restaurants and nice bars really comes to live at night. Stroll around looking for something to eat or enjoy a nice cold beer with some good music.

Culture boost

  • Borobudur temple - The highlight of Yogyakarta. See the beautiful sunrise from on the temple or from a hilltop nearby. 
  • Prambanan temple + Hidden temples - Perfect for a day tour. Discover all the magnificent temples and catch the sunset at Prambanan.
  • Sultan Palace – Also known as the Kraton, it is still used by the present sultan. Take a look inside this fascinating palace which also is a museum that offers old photos and objects from throughout the history of Java. The Kraton often has dance, singing and poetry performances.
  • Water Palace – Close to the Kraton you will find Taman Sari or Water Palace. A long time ago this building was used as a bathhouse by the Sultan. Around Taman Sari you will find an area that is amazing to get lost in with its little streets. 
  • Hidden mosque – Near the Water Palace you have a nice hidden mosque. This subterranean place of worship is worth visiting and its staircases offer some beautiful pictures.
  • Chicken Church - Discover this amazing uncommon church that is shaped like a chicken. Climb all the way to the top and enjoy the extraordinary view you get here. 
  • Graffiti – Discover all the amazing and cool street art all over Jogja. This street art is just one of many reasons why Jogja is the cultural center of Java.
  • Alun Alun Kidul - Every night the city square inside the Kraton turns into a great hangout spot to try some local snacks. The flickering lamps of odong-odong driven around this square really adds to the atmosphere. 

For the adventurer:

  • Mount Merapi: If you are looking for a challenge, why not hike up an active volcano? Put on your hiking shoes and bring your spirit because this will be a night full of adventure and dedication.
  • Yogyakarta and its surrounding offer many amazing caves. Explore the spectacular Jomblang cave or walk 2 hours underground in the Cerme cave. Or go cave tubing through these mystical caves.

Nature lovers

  • Selogriyo temple: Discover this hidden temple which is surrounded by beautiful rice paddies.
  • There are a lot of different and breathtaking waterfalls to discover around the Jogja area. Enjoy the beautiful nature along the way, go for a nice swim and relax.
  • Visit the beaches of the south and have a chill day at the beach. Go to Parangtritis and enjoy the gorgeous sunset on this black sand beach.  
  • Mangunan viewpoint - Just a short drive to an incredible viewpoint over the city and Merapi.